Sunday, November 8, 2009

Let's take a look at Santa's House

Last night I quickly gathered some of the photos we had taken of our little French cottage...
And I could have taken you ...
just across the way to Our Flights of of Fancy room and Nature Alley...
But the crowds were thick so we walked around to Santa's House.

Back thru the red entry!

 I wonder what everyone is looking at?
While we are waiting to get in...
Let me tell you a little bit about this vignette.
As you know, Santa is quite old these days. and Even though he still loves all the hoopla that goes with the season. He likes his old things too!

Did you know Santa collects old globes? Well, we didn't either until we began designing this room.
He's also a little obsessed with Keys and Locks. ( I guess, just in case there is no chimney available!)
His fireplace is a recued piece that we left "as is" I love this grayed color and the tiny bits of peely paint!
Instead of a fire though...we have baskets of globes, keys, locks. key holes and...books!

The elves have told us that his favorite decorations are the letters he recieves from the children all over the world.
Did I mention Elves? WELL! Wait 'till you see the what's up...

This is where the elves train!
Antique ladders surround a rescued pergola piece  and the elves are everywhere...learning how to fill bags...
wrap gifts...and read THE know the naughty or nice list!

This guy is Orville...He is very much the" go to" guy.
Obviously in charge!

I had to put this wee one on the blog!
I LOVE The Hair!
We really had some cute little visitors yesterday! this was where we had our traffic jam earlier!
Dinner with the clause!
I think they were checking out the Santa Hat Chandy's

Back to the Table.
All the pieces are wonderful finds that we painted black, cream or these two shades of salmon.
The table itself is set with April Cornell table Linens...Santa face plates and mugs all set on vintage children's story books!
The entire theme was based on "The Clauses"

  1. Santa only delivers to Good Boys and Girls.

2. Santa only visits those who believe          
3. Santa say: Eat your veggies!                      

4.Santa says: Never forget...Jesus is the reason for the season!

the highchairs are actually for the elves...they didn't like sitting on stacks of phone books! (We tried though!)

another wee visitor!
So...from here we should be heading thru to Whimsy Kitchen....but I needed a break!

So...I headed over to say  "Hi" to Patti Cummings and Karen McComas.
(of course we are standing in lawn in garden...It was the only place left)
Patti made all the delicious food for the event.
I am told we went thru 140 cups by noon!
WOW! A whoppin' HUGE Thank you to Patti!
Everything was delicious! back to work!

This is just inside whimsy kitchen!
I guess the elves are in charge of the decor here...because it is poppin'

A glance back into Santa's

wonderful "yarn inspired" decor...

And giant lit ornaments.

this little kitchen is just off of the "Flights of Fancy " room. But that will have to wait until tomorrow!
I must get going to work!
Don't forget...The store is open today(very rare) Sunday,Nov. 8th from 1-5
And the Noblesville store is still having it's Open House as well!
I hope everyone has a wonderful day and we will see you again tomorrow!


Queen Bee said...

WOW...unbelievably beautiful!Thanks for sharing all of the photos!

The Flying Bee said...


Everything is gorgeous! I am just in awe! Great job!

Anne Lorys said...

So *THIS* is what you've been up to! Yowsa, everything looks spectacular! Normally I prefer a more monochromatic look, but this gorgeous explosion of color is just amazing.
Great job!