Monday, November 9, 2009

Isn't it a Hoot?

Happy Day to All!
 This will be day 3 in pictures!

This is one of my favorite things.
I had walked down to get me a snack one afternoon last week and when I came back I saw these two cool baskets sitting in the stores green house window. I asked the Horton's if they could be used and
Instant Love.
sitting upon stacks of books and book page shred are juniper berry wreaths, antique teacups and these adorable little owls...aren't they a hoot?

they are hanging in the "Nature's Alley"
Just beyond the Aqua Doors.

the window boxes...filled with juniper, ferns ,icy picks and little juniper topiaries
and of course...the little brown owls!

This is Karen Groff and Karen McComas
Looking thru this little what I wonder?

Maybe the little cul de Nature's Alley.
I will show you the other side tomorrow!

We just wanted to again say "Thank You" to everyone who made this years Christmas Open House such a Success.
Have a Blissful Day!

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The Flying Bee said...

I love these Donna! They came out great!