Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Next Big Event

I hope that this post finds one and all doing quite wonderfully during this joyous and busy season.
As you can have probably noticed...
I have stepped away from my laptop for a bit!

But the world must continue to spin around even though I am out of the loop.

This morning...I had a moment...
and thought I would share with you the Newsletter that was just emailed to the store to be printed.

You see, I am about 1200 miles away and somewhat distracted.

So...upon my return...we will having this wonderful event
 "An Elegant Winter's Evening"
And I wanted to tell you about it as soon as I could.

The Friday evening following Thanksgiving, (Also known as Black Friday)
We will be having a beautiful candlight affair to share with you, our dear customers!

Of Course...There will be pictures to share!
So...until next time...
Have a Wonderful Week!


Debra@CommonGround said...

Hi Donna, good to hear from you. Your event sounds wonderful! I would so love to be there! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and a safe trip home.

The Little Miss said...

what a beautiful blog! Just love it! You are so clever and love all your posts!

If you get a chance come check me out too! I have a new and amazing giveaway every Monday and have a great one going on now! I also just made a fun e-magazine thats full of fun discounts to amazing shops! :) So check it out!

Heidi said...

Wow! Your store is so adorable, it seems to go on and on and on. Mine is about 50' x 125' and that is enough for me since I wear all the hats at the same time. Thanks for stopping by, I got a lot of inspiring thoughts browsing through your blog. See ya later, Heidi