Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Autumn Arrives

Autumn has arrived here in Tipton!
Okay...We admit it, We LOVE AUTUMN! It's our very favorite time of the year. Everyone here at Horton's looks forward to the Fall merchandise more so than any other season.
( I can't wait to open the first boxes of Pumpkin Potpourri! The fragrance permeates the entire room and really puts you in the mood for an afternoon on the porch wrapped in a cozy throw and drinking something warm like apple cider.)
This year we have such great things, that I look forward to changing out my own home for the season.


Unknown said...

Those first 2 pics are sooo me! Just beautiful displays!!!

:) T

Anonymous said...

It was my first time in your shoppe today. I was not supposed to be anywhere but work today, but spent my day riding "shotgun" with my husband going with him on his jobs. i had a blast looking around at all fo your "too cool" displays! In a hardware store of all things. The couple that own the store could not have been nicer! I immediately could sense a connection with this place and cannot wait to visit again!Reminded me of some of the things I decorate and live with. Salvage and some French, Sepia and nature inspired themes. Just was calming.

Thanks for providing the calm.
Grace & Peace~

~Dalen Beth Mollet~
Noblesville, Indiana
(Star Hill Farm)

April Starnes said...

I love what ya'll have done for Autumn!!! Absolutely BOOrific!!!!

Debra Howard said...

Beautiful vignettes.