Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The French Flea Market

A Huge Heartfelt Thank you to each and every person who attended and worked at our 1st Annual French Flea Market and Artisan Fair! It has been deemed a tremendous success by one and all! So many of you have already contacted us about next year! This is so exciting! Not even the weather which was pretty rough at times was enough to dampen our spirits or those of all in attendance. I've gathered some of the photos that were taken over a period of 2 days. Some were shot when we were just setting up on Friday and the rest were taken Saturday during the event. We were unable to get photos of each of the vendors that were there... but I think you get the idea. It was wonderful!A view from the front gate we constructed from some of our cool doors, gates and bed frames.

This picture was taken during one of our rain showers! Not many people milling about out in the lot.

This tent was the stores...We named it Le Jardin. All the merchandise was garden or rose related.

This photo I just had to post. I love the tomatoes still on the vine.! This tent belonged to Kevin Stypes. He had the most awesome heirloom veggies, melons and corn that had just been picked that morning! He also had wildflowers bouquets, jars of homemade salsa and freshly baked breads and herb butter that was incredible.
This photo was taken at the end of the day on Friday. We setup the tents and small sitting area that morning so that Saturday we could concentrate solely on the merchandise.

Here's my tent filled with merchandise just before 8am. (Pre -Rain Mode) You will have to read my blog to get additional photos.

This tent had the most amazing scrapbooking paraphernalia and ephemera! This was Karen Groffs vignette.
Karen and the next 3 photos are of artisans from the Logan Street Village. Each of these talented ladies had beautiful vignettes with incredible merchandise.

This photo was taken during setup. So much more cute stuff was still to be unpacked.

Sugar Plum Cottage

This tent belonged to Nancy and Kendra. Again very early in the morning everyone working hard to get setup.

these delightful bags are a new line we had just picked up in time for the event. We had a special event only price to introduce to everyone. We Sold out! But never fear..We will have another shipment arriving very soon.

this was our little Patisserie! The most adorable cakes and cookies were baked for us by my mom. (Donna's) and were flown in from Texas just for this event. Karen Kay's Aunt Karen and Karen's Granddaughter Sommer Did such a great job serving lemonade and cake!

Au Revoir! See ya Next Year!


Anonymous said...

Kudos to Hortons and their designer donna! We came by van load and all 5 of us are STILL talking about the flea market. Everything was perfect...even the rain added something to it! The french music so so fun it really made you feel like you were there in France. We can't wait for next year! The pictures are great! We have a place to visit and relive the experience. THANK YOU!

Rebecca said...

Hi Donna
Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment.
Your French Marche' looked fabulous, how far are you from Chicago? Maybe I can make it next year!
Have a great Sunday.

Brettnie said...

I have been looking for scalloped canopy tents for my shows and saw yours when I was looking:) I love it and was wondering where you got yours made from?
Thank you,