Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Woo who!
We are so excited this morning here in Tipton!
Right in the middle of setting up for the "Really Big Shoe" Christmas Open House...I got a email from Elizabeth Maxson!
We won her display contest!

Everyone here at Horton's is thrilled and honored that Elizabeth chose our window display out of the entries she received. It's quite something since she got some pretty fabulous ones!
So Thank you Elizabeth! We really appreciate this honor!

Now don't go puttin' your shoes on the wrong feet...we are still just DAYS away from the biggest event we do all year!
Steppin' into Christmas Open House
Saturday, November 6th
from 10-6
So start counting with us...18...17...yep before you know it!

I will be back with more news...soon!
So until next time...
Have a blessed day!
The Horton's

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*The Beautiful Life* said...

Congratulations, Donna!! Cannot say that I am surprised that you won! Your creativity just knows no bounds!! :)

The shop storefront as pictured here really shows it all so well! Wish I could visit!!