Sunday, September 26, 2010

Postcards from Tipton

Greetings From Downtown Tipton, Indiana!

I have just completed the task of sorting and editing all of the photos I took of last nights
Autumn Evening Market

and thought I would share the highlights of this Amazing Evening with you.

The Day began with clear blue sky a slight breeze
 and I kid you not...
The smell of Autumn in the air!

It took us several trips around the event

and a couple of our guests to figure out
where the fragrance came from
(turns of the vendors had incense burning under a table!)

We had the normal tad bit of drama...

one of our vendors called 2 hours before start up with an emergency
and would not be able to make it.

Now under normal circumstances...
it would just be an empty space that we would fill in with more pumpkins, mums and hay...


This was our beverage vendor!

So...guess what?

We jumped in with both feet and created our very own
Beverage Booth!

Which for most of the event...Our very own Aunt Karen ran  for us!
( Bless you and Thank You!)

When we say we are a close knit,
 family owned business...
we aren't kidding!
We are so... blessed that everyone jumps in to lend a hand!

We were busy from the very beginning...


oops! Both shots a bit blurry!
And in!

We had musicians...

Creating the perfect ambiance for such an event!


And Fabulous Vendors!

And then...
the magic began!

Dusk began to settle on our wonderful little town

So we lit up the evening sky!

We were not exactly sure what to expect....

This is a small Midwestern Town
Where the sidewalks roll up at dark!

But our guests continued to come until the very end!

It such a wonderful evening!

We would like to Thank you all...
our Family...
and guests...
You made this another event to remember!

And one we will definitely be doing again!

We hope you enjoy our little town
And our very 1st Autumn Evening Market
See you soon!


La said...

It looks like a wonderful evening market. Thank you for sharing it with me since I was unable to come. La

Carole said...

Wow Donna what an undertaking. It's looks so wonderful.


re:Inspire said...

A gorgeous day for such an event! I bet those lights looked so festive at night! You certainly gave the town reason to be out! You must do this again so I can come next year!!

Heaven's Walk said...

Hey Donna! Wow - it looks like it was very successful! And so much fun!!! Sure wish I lived closer! I'd been there all day long....! lol! Thanks for sharing! :)

xoxo laurie

Syd & Harper said...

Donna! Dusty and I had another fabulous time. Thanks again for inviting us back, it was fun hanging with everyone again!!

Take care,


Glenda said...

Donna, I must make the trip down to Tipton. I'm only in Mishawaka, and cannot stay away any longer. I loved your window display over Elizabeth's.
Making my way down the state for the holiday open house!

cindy said...

I'm so happy to find your blog! Not sure how I got here...hmmmm. I'm 'specially pleased to find you are hoosiers too...I grew up in Noblesville, still have family in Fishers, and I'm in Fort Wayne.

I'll have to come see your market sometime when I'm heading south to visit family :)