Monday, August 30, 2010

Autumn's Arrival

Welcome Friends!
Autumn has finally arrived here at the store in Tipton!
It took about a week and a half....but it's HERE

I thought I would walk around a bit and show you a few things...I hope you don't mind!

Every Season...We try to show you some unique ways to make an entrance.
Filling our urns is always fun!
An unexpected way to decorate a door.
Or even a wall in the entry!
Our version of a trick or treat picnic!

I love to put colors together in unexpected combinations!

Fragrance plays such a huge part in our displays...
Our Pumpkin display...

And Cornucopia fragrances.

Sometimes it really is the little things that make the biggest difference maybe a tiny Fall tag garland?

Or a scattering of cobwebs and fall leaves.

Maybe just a pumkin or two...
Some acorns and leaves...

or a couple of crows and some bittersweet!

And every once in a While....we go for the big WOW!
adding fall bedding and leaves to our tree bed has been quite the hit!

I'll be back soon with more wonderments to share.
because we have been brewing up some fabulous concoctions of late!

Until next time,
Blessings from the Horton's!


La said...

It looks so festive! La

Unknown said...

love it

re:Inspire said...

You have done it again...just amazing! You have made the store look so festive and inspiring! Please show us more!!

Diane said...

Lovvvve all the vignettes! Just gorgeous. I am so happy fall is almost here Ü