Friday, July 16, 2010


As so many of you know...we just wrapped up our
 2nd Annual French Flea Market here in Tipton.
Life is beginning to go back to its normal pace but before the dust completely settles...we had a handful of pictures we thought we would share.
That is...until the photos that Tracey took arrive!
So for a day or's a few more more of our memories to share.

Just outside of my space(dreyne's) My friend Patti set up her misting fan!
It was such much fun for all of us !
Too Cool!
Mary is showing us her latest in hair fashions
She had 3 clothespins holding up the hair on her neck!
I love it!

Rebecca taking what was a brief break...she was busy all day...both days!

Amber and her Precious space
I wonder who she was talking to?

Another glimpse of Holly's House...And the French Flower Cart...just before we loaded them with goodies!

I was talking to Rebecca and decided to take this shot of some of our shoppers.
See Rebecca's Song Birds?

One of my custom made chandeliers...this one from a French Bottle Drying Rack!

My space at the end of our first day.The shoppers stayed until after 5!
We are so glad everyone was enjoying themselves!

The only picture I was okay with!
Dusty took it as I was heading out to meet the train.

The train arriving in Tipton!
The first train of the day had about 100 or so passengers!
I will be posting more soon but I just wanted everyone to know again...
We really appreciate all you!
And Yes!
I will post the
Grilled Chicken Pasta Salad recipe and
the lavender lemonade!

Next week when I post some of the pictures that Tracey took!


Glenda said...

I live in South Bend, and can see from the pics, I really missed out. I will be back to your space again, love your blog, and your so close.


Your event looks like it was a wonderful success! Not sure how it happened, but I used to get notices of you postings...I am going to re-follow you . What part of Indiana are you in?

Boxwood Cottage said...

I so wish I could have been there!
Love to hear the birdies singing everytime I enter your blog, it's so much nicer than any music :)
Sending you warmest wishes from Germany

It's me said...

It looks all so nice......i wish i was there !!...why i live so far away?????...wishing you a happy Ria....

Rebecca said...

Can't wait for the lavender lemonade recipe :)
Loved it!

Carole said...

Yes I'm with Rebecca...some lavender lemonade please.
I would have loved to have been there in person.
Never thought of using clothes pins in my hair....oh wait I have no hair now:))
Put your feet up and deserve it!